Corporate Social Responsibility

Educate a woman &
you educate a nation

If we were to break a pomegranate fruit open and unleash the seeds of knowledge all across the world… how many pomegranate trees would grow and flourish? How many families could benefit from what we can offer them?

Our state-of-the-art Pomegranate Institute is an Educational Platform that gives wings to ideas. We utilize language learning, personal & professional development as our primary tools to equip people with the right set of skills!

We have worked on women empowerment projects in Jordan, Syria, Pakistan & made it part of my being to inspire girls & ladies to reach for the stars.
Empowering & reaching those in need is one of the founding pillars of our institute- you are welcome to learn, when & wherever you wish to learn. Be our guest!

Motivation & confidence building combined have the power to change someone's life forever! All it takes is seizing the right moment & a healthy dose of self-belief that there is a way ahead. We help women, families & communities reach their goal to a more balanced & propserous life. Just as the saying goes "Where there is a will there is a way".
Now that our pomegranates have ripened, our Pom-Learner's turn has come to take charge of their own destiny by planting & harvesting the seeds of a newly acquired knowledge & an improved self! Our doors stand wide open to Everyone.